General Motors offers OnStar Guardian to non-GM drivers

$15 a month, shareable with up to seven family members.

General Motors

OnStar Guardian is General Motors’ suite of safety and security features that are designed to take the stress out of driving. Now, the company has announced that you don’t actually need to own a GM vehicle in order to take advantage of the features on offer. Anyone in the US and Canada with a compatible iPhone or Android device can subscribe to take advantage of the service. GM says that the rollout is part of its commitment to “focus on opportunities beyond vehicle sales.”

If you don’t have a GM vehicle, you’ll need to sign up for a standalone subscription plan, available through the app. After a 30-day free trial, users can pay $15 per month, and can even share the subscription with up to seven family members. For that, your phone will monitor for car crashes (and raise the alarm should it detect an incident), offer roadside assistance and location tracking. This is backed by OnStar’s Emergency-Certified Advisors, who can call you and help you out of whatever jam you find yourself in.

OnStar has been a fixture of GM’s transport firmament for some time, and the company’s safety concierge service is well-regarded. The company launched the standalone mobile app last summer, offering users six months of free service to sign up. Certainly, opening it up to every driver, no matter the vehicle, will help pad out GM’s bottom line in era of declining car ownership.