GM is considering a small, low-priced electric pickup truck

The EV could make the Ford Maverick seem big.


GM might make an electric truck for those who think the GMC Hummer and Chevy Silverado are simply too huge. As Autoblog notes, the industry journal Automotive News has seen a prototype small electric pickup at a GM-organized workshop. The EV would reportedly make even the hybrid Ford Maverick seem enormous with two doors, a low-slung profile and a bed 4ft to 4.5ft long. It would start below $30,000, making it a bargain compared to the $39,900 Silverado.

The design isn't guaranteed to enter production, and it's not even clear which GM brand would carry the pickup if it moves forward. Affordable EV design director Michael Pevovar told Automotive News the company creates prototypes like these to "get a reaction" and either improve the result or scrap it. If the prototype is too small but otherwise well-received, GM could use another platform to make it larger.

There are incentives for GM to go ahead. The small pickup market is relatively hot at the moment. Autoblog points out that the was Maverick outselling the larger Ranger and the Expedition SUV as of last summer, while Hyundai's Santa Cruz (more of an El Camino revival than a classic truck) outperformed the Accent compact and Venue mini-SUV. GM would not only have something to offer in the category, but could stand out as the only brand with an all-electric model.

As it is, there's a rush to produce more affordable EVs. Chevy's own Equinox EV is expected to start around $30,000, while Tesla and other brands are also pursuing lower-priced vehicles in the years ahead. A lower-priced pickup would help GM's EVs reach a much wider audience, not to mention help meet expectations of a profitable electric division in 2025.