Gmail finally works with the iPad’s split-view multitasking

The feature is available immediately to all users.


Gmail just made it a little easier to multitask on your iPad. You can now use the app in Split View, alongside Google Calendar or other iOS apps. That should make it easier to, for instance, check you schedule before you reply to an email or choose photos to drag into a message.

The feature is available immediately to all G Suite and personal Google Accounts. To enter Split View from Gmail, you’ll have to turn on multitasking on your iPad. Then, swipe up from the bottom of your screen, and drag the app you want to run alongside Gmail to the left or right edge of your screen.

Gmail Split View on iPad

For both convenience and productivity, it makes a lot of sense to use Gmail in Split View, but the capability is a bit overdue. Apple introduced Split View in 2015 with iOS 9. While Google has had plenty of time to work on this, Gmail in Split View is still a bit wonky at times. Hopefully, developers will fix any glitches in the weeks to come.