GoPro's updated remote can control five cameras at a time

New firmware updates also improve phone transfer speeds by up to 30 percent.


GoPro has unveiled a new wireless remote along with firmware updates that bring new features and performance improvements to the Hero 9 Black, Hero 8 Black and Max cameras. Simply called The Remote, the keyfob-sized device is rugged and waterproof to 16 feet. It can control camera features like power, modes and recording for up to five cameras over a range of around 200 feet. It features big glove-friendly buttons and a black & white status display.

It can be attached to your wrist or other things like handlebars and steering wheels, and let you remotely operate GoPro’s Hero 9 Black, Hero 8 Black or Max, as long as it’s within a 200 foot radius. The new Remote replaces the Smart Remote, which can still be found on GoPro’s website for older cameras dating back to the Hero 5.

GoPro The Remote

GoPro also unveiled some important updates, particularly for its latest Hero 9 Black. The version 1.5 firmware increases smartphone offload speeds by up to 30 percent via the GoPro app, saving valuable transfer times. It also improved Hypersmooth 3.0 performance in the cold, added a slo-mo shortcut slider button, improved GPS lock accuracy, and introduced pro 3.5mm mic support via an adapter. Finally, GoPro added support for live streaming with the Max Lens Mod, letting you use Hypersmooth stabilization, ultra-wide 155 degree Max SuperView perspective an in-camera horizon lock with livestreaming.

Firmware updates for the Hero 8 Black and GoPro Max also improve wireless transfer speeds by 15 and 20 percent respectively. You’ll need to update the firmware for all these cameras to use the Remote, as well. The Remote is now available on GoPro’s site in North America for $80, and will come to other regions in February 2021.

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