GoPro aims to develop an action camera ecosystem with its new API

Open GoPro will allow for smartwatch control, voice commands and more.

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GoPro's new Hero9 Black API allows for smartwatch control, voice commands and more

GoPro recently opened up its camera system with GoPro Labs, allowing users to add experimental features like footage capture with motion detection. Now, the company is taking it a big step further with the introduction of the Open GoPro API for the Hero 9 Black. 

With the API, developers can access the following Hero 9 Black features: Wireless connectivity, camera command and control, camera status, camera preview and SD card media review and transfer. It has already been used by companies Huami to incorporate wireless control with its Amazfit smartwatches, operate a GoPro on an FPV drone using the Orqa FPV and even by Sena to control the Hero 9 Black using voice commands. 

Other companies using the API include Pixellot, which created wireless GoPro control for sports broadcasting, and Centurion Boats, which allows you to control the camera wirelessly from a boat's helm screen. The possibilities are pretty wide for such a small and mobile camera, and according to GoPro's demo pages, it supports Python, Csharp, Swift and CC++. 

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Along with the API, GoPro has released the camera firmware update 1.6 for the Hero9 Black, on GoPro's Quik app and New features include improved camera power on and off, Quik app connectivity, touch screen sensitivity in menus and settings and reliability when using the remote to control your camera. 

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