'God of War Ragnarök' New Game+ update adds armor, level caps and enchantments

There’s even a cinematic black-and-white mode.


Sony’s massively successful God of War Ragnarök just got a pretty significant upgrade with a New Game+ that is much more than a simple rehash with tougher enemies. This NG+ is packed with features to squeeze more life out of last year’s PS4 and PS5 title. For the uninitiated, a New Game+ is a new adventure that unlocks when you beat the game. In this case, all of your equipment, weapons and skills carry over from your previous save.

The changes start with several new armor sets that bring unique gameplay mechanics to the table. The Zeus armor increases your magic and spell damage but places you at greater risk for incoming damage. The Spartan Armor, as the name suggests, eliminates all perks and stat boosts, increasing the challenge and leaving no room for error.

Both the Armor of the Black Bear and Ares Armor take the opposite approach, giving players unique perks, like increased defense and an increase in rare item drops. There are also plenty of new customization options for pre-existing armor types if you want to change up your look.

The level cap is increased for both enemies and the player, which is fairly common in an NG+. Any level nine equipment, including weapons and shields, can convert into “Plus” versions with more progression options. Converting equipment also gives you special coins that are used to purchase new Enchantments.

Speaking of new Enchantments, the Engravings and Badge powers let you apply perks and stats typically reserved to a specific armor set to an amulet, so you get all of the benefits without having to actually wear the armor. The system is designed for experimentation to find the best combo for your unique playstyle. Certain enemies like Berserker Souls will also now drop new stat boost enchantments. Finally, there are Burdens, enchantments that apply a negative perk to amp up the challenge.

Endgame bosses have been redesigned, the sparring arena has been expanded with new enemies and there’s even a new black-and-white mode for those looking for a more cinematic experience. The free NG+-focused update is available now, making this a good time to return to ancient Scandinavia and cause some brutal mayhem.