Google puts 50 new augmented reality animals on Search

The new additions to the virtual menagerie include a giraffe, a hippo and a cow.


Google has expanded the number of augmented reality creatures you can discover on Search. The tech giant has announced on Twitter that it has added 50 new 3D animals to Search on mobile. It didn’t list them all, but it showed a preview with some of the new additions, particularly the giraffe, milk cow, cat, zebra, pig, hippo and chow chow. 9to5Google has also unearthed a bunch of new dog breeds you can virtually pet. Aside from the chow chow, the tech giant now also has a beagle, bulldog, corgi, dachsund and other pooches you can summon for virtual playtime.

Google started putting 3D animals in Search in mid-2019 and has been adding more and more options since then. It even teamed up with a couple of museums to create 3D versions of prehistoric creatures. To check out the 3D animals, you simply need to search for their name on the Google app or Chrome on most modern smartphones and find the AR card in the results that says “Meet a life-sized [animal name] up close.” When you click “View in 3D,” it’ll open your camera and put the 3D animal in your environment, so you can snap some pics of, say, a hippo taking a dip in your bathtub. It’s a fun update you can play around with for a while, because we definitely could use some fun these days.