Google will offer info on an advertiser's history

But will this help you make informed shopping decisions?

Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Have you ever seen an ad for an unfamiliar gadget or clothing label and wondered if it was above-board? You might get a more informed take soon. Google is introducing advertiser pages in the "about this ad" section that not only provide more details about a verified marketer, but show the ads that company ran in the past 30 days. If you're suspicious, it's easier to report an ad.

The pages and ad histories will reach the US in the "coming months," and should come to other countries in phases throughout 2022. Google also said it would "continue to explore" ways to share more data.

This could help you make more informed online shopping decisions, whether it's building trust in a new name or steering clear of a sketchy brand. What's here can only tell you so much, however — it won't help if you'd need in-depth research to make a wise choice. This will mainly help in situations where you only need a little clarification before tapping a link.