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Google opens up the Play Store to more Android Auto apps

Developers can now push their navigation, parking and charging software to the store.

Igor Bonifacic
Igor Bonifacic|@igorbonifacic|April 5, 2021 1:23 PM

Android Auto users will soon see a greater variety of navigation, parking and charging apps on the Play Store. As of today, Google is allowing third-party developers to push software in those categories to production. That means you'll soon start seeing those apps show up on the Play Store.

Google first said it would open up its marketplace to a greater variety of Android Auto applications last August. More recently, you've been able to check out some of those by applying to beta test them. Now that's no longer necessary. Before today's expansion, Google allowed third-party developers to release messaging and media apps for Android Auto, but not much else. As 9to5Google notes, the company had been reluctant to open the platform to other types of programs. A lot of that came down to its desire to ensure a safe experience for users. Even with today's announcement, the company is putting an emphasis on dev shops following its guidelines when making their software available on Android Auto.  

Google opens up the Play Store to more Android Auto apps