Google turns those annoying call center menus into easy-to-navigate screens

It'll also show you current and projected wait times if you have to be on hold.

Google Pixel 6 event (Engadget)

In addition to the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google also released more details about new capabilities that its Tensor chip enables. One of them is a much more intelligent way of handling those calls to businesses that sometimes have you waiting hours on end just to speak to a representative. Now, the Pixel will show you the current and projected wait times before you even place a call so you can call when it works for you.

Additionally, when you do call and encounter an endless list of options (like, "Press 1 for branch location and hours" if you're calling a bank), you don't need to remember all of them carefully. Instead, Google will listen to them for you and show the automated menu options on the screen for you to tap.

This is in addition to a "Hold For Me" feature Google introduced last year. Instead of having to stay on the line, Google Assistant will remain on the call for you. It understands the difference between a recorded message and an actual representative on the line. When a real life person is finally on, it'll alert you to take the call.

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