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Google Assistant has a morning routine for schoolchildren

There's also an interactive periodic table to help with science lessons.


Now that many kids are about to go back to school, Google thinks it can offer a helping hand — including after class. It's introducing Assistant and search features to help parents coordinate in morning and kids to learn more (or at least, stay entertained). To start, Family Bell is coming to mobile devices. Accordingly, it can soon start a checklist on a Nest Hub to remind kids to make the bed and brush their teeth before they fly out the door.

Kids will also have more ways to improve their education at home. Search now has an interactive periodic table that uses augmented reality and 3D to help children visualize atoms and learn useful tidbits about the elements. On their phones, young ones can tap a Live Translation button in search to recall a particular phrase. Assistant will also offer more diverse educational stories from The English Schoolhouse, while Harry Potter fans will have the option of listening to Fantastic Beasts stories on Android or Assistant smart displays.

And yes, there's something for the parents who need to get moving. You'll soon have the option of starting your morning Assistant routine the moment you dismiss your alarm, making it easier to focus on your kids or just getting dressed for the day.

The feature additions might be particularly apt in a year where back-to-school will be complicated. Many kids will finally return to in-person classes as the pandemic subsides, but some will still have to learn remotely for some or all of the school year. In theory, Google is covering both bases.