Google can now translate text from images on the web

The feature uses the AR Translate tech from Google Lens.


Google Translate on the web can now convert text from images. It uses the same tech as the AR Translate tool for Google Lens, which performs real-time translations on smartphones.

You’ll find the option on the Google Translate website, where you'll see a new Images tab at the top. After uploading a photo or screenshot from your computer, a translation appears that (in most cases) should look about as seamless as the original text. The web interface includes options to copy the text, download the translated image or clear it. In addition, it lists 113 available source languages (and it can automatically detect them) and 133 destination languages.

“Lens translate” branding below the result indicates that it uses the same generative adversarial networks (GAN) powering AR Translate for Google Lens. Although Lens has been able to translate images on mobile for years, the latest version that debuted last year uses the same tech powering the company’s Magic Eraser, which debuted on the Pixel 6 but is now available on older Pixels and Google One. That helps the translation appear like it’s replacing the original text rather than superimposing it on top.