Google Chat now plays nice with Slack and Microsoft Teams

Voice messages are on the way too.


Google has been busy making a bunch of announcements for its cloud-based productivity apps this week, largely centered on Duet AI integration. There are some other helpful updates on the way to several apps, including Google Chat.

A feature is now available in beta on several Workspace plans (with full availability on the roadmap for early next year) that allows for messaging interoperability between Chat and other services including Slack and Microsoft Teams. Google, which teamed up with a company called Mio to make this function work, suggests that this could be handy for organizations that use a variety of communications apps.

"We know that communication and collaboration happens over multiple channels and tools," Google wrote in an announcement post. "This can cause missed messages, silos of communication, and a frustrating experience monitoring multiple chat tools." It notes that organizations need Mio licenses to use the feature. According to GIF Google shared, it seems that if you edit a message in one of the connected apps, the change will be replicated in the others.

Meanwhile, 9to5 Google reports that Chat will gain support for voice messages. These will enable users to “save typing and allow recipients to hear the tone and context of the message,” according to Google. The feature should be available in early 2024, but it's unclear whether it will be available in group chats and one-on-one DMs. It's also uncertain whether there will be transcription support from the jump.