Google 'Journeys' help you resume previous searches in Chrome

You can also perform more tasks from the address bar.


Ever found yourself immersed in a web search, only to lose track after an interruption? Google thinks it can help. It's introducing a previously teased Journeys feature (shown above) in the latest release of Chrome for desktop that lets you resume searches based on topics. Type a related word or visit the Chrome History Journeys page and you'll see the option to resume your research, complete with associated links and search terms. Return to a vacation search, for instance, and you might see the tourism websites you didn't visit the first time around.

Journeys are rolling out now to all Chrome desktop browsers. They're initially limited to surfers using English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Spanish and Turkish.

Other updates are useful even if you've cleared out your search backlog. Chrome Actions should be more useful — you can perform additional browser tasks just by typing them in the address bar, such as "manage settings" and "view your Chrome history." Android users, meanwhile, will see a significantly expanded repertoire of home screen widgets (below) that help you start text, voice and Lens searches. You can even launch Incognito tabs or the offline Dino game. While Android is already well-equipped for search widgets, this should still prove helpful if you routinely use Chrome's special features.

Google Chrome widgets in Android (widescreen)