Chrome will soon group tabs together to save pack rats from themselves

The browser will allow you to customize groups using names and colors.


Google is introducing a new feature to Chrome that will have you asking how you lived without it before. Starting with the next version of the company's browser, which the search giant will begin rolling out next week, you'll be able to organize tabs together into customizable groups.

Google Chrome Tab Groups

The feature works almost exactly as you might imagine. To start sorting your tabs, right-click on a single one and press the "Add Tab to Group" option. When you create a new group, you can assign it a name and color to make it easily identifiable. If you feel like moving a tab to a different group afterward, you can do so by dragging and dropping it. Better yet, anytime you close and reopen Chrome, your groupings will load up automatically.

As the company points out, both tab minimalists and hoarders (you know who you are) should appreciate the ability to bring order to their browser’s top bar.

Google plans to release tab groups to Chrome OS, Windows, Mac and Linux users "slowly" to ensure Chrome's stability and performance don't take a hit. In the meantime, you can pin tabs to save space and create at least some semblance of tidiness. If you're the impatient type, you can start using the feature right now by updating to the latest beta version. If the functionality isn't available immediately, you may need to restart your browser.