Google makes it easier to deregister your phone number for RCS messages

It could solve any missing text issues you may have after switching apps or platforms.

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Mariella Moon
June 20th, 2020
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Google has quietly rolled out (via Android Police) a new tool that makes its much simpler to deregister the number you used for its first-party RCS-enabled Messages platform. You can already deregister your number in the Settings page of the Messages app by enabling “chat features off.” But the tool, spotted by a Reddit user, makes it possible to deregister your number even if you don’t have your previous device anymore.

Similar to the web-based utility Apple released for iMessages a few years ago, you only have to enter the phone number you used and then wait for a six-digit verification code. Turning chat features off for your number may be necessary to ensure you don’t miss any messages sent to you if you decide to switch apps or platforms. Not receiving messages when you switch from iMessage to Android Messages or vice versa is a common problem. Switching from Google’s first-party Messages app to the device’s default one, such as Samsung Messages, or the other way around also causes the same issue.

The tool seems pretty straightforward to use. And according to Android Police, it’ll even let you know if it can’t deregister your number in case it’s associated with your carrier’s RCS system instead.

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