You can now draft an email in Google Docs and send it to Gmail

Team up to compose the perfect message.

Lorenzo Di Cola/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Google might come to your rescue the next time you need to write a carefully-worded email. The company is rolling out a Google Docs update that lets Workspace and legacy G Suite users collaborate on Gmail drafts. Open the email draft template (Insert > Building Blocks > Email draft) and your colleagues can comment or make suggestions. You won't always need to know recipients' email addresses, either, as you can mention people by name.

When you're ready to send the email, you just need to click a button to open a Gmail compose window and finalize the message. Docs will automatically populate all the relevant fields.

The feature will take up to 15 days to reach companies on Rapid Release domains, and will start reaching more cautious Scheduled Release customers on March 22nd. There's no mention of availability for personal use. At work, however, this could prove very handy — lawyers could use it to produce an airtight email to a client, while marketers might work together on their ideal sales pitch.