You can now set up Google Fi on your iPhone using an eSIM

You don't have to rely on a physical SIM to try Google's phone service.

Chris Schodt/Engadget

It should now be considerably easier to give Google Fi a whirl if you’re an iPhone user. As spotted at 9to5Google, you can now activate Google Fi on recent iPhones (XR, XS and newer) using an eSIM. So long as you’re a new customer, you only need the Fi app and a nearby computer (display a QR code) to get started.

We’ve asked Google if the option will be available for existing customers.

The move expands Fi’s eSIM activation beyond the Google Pixel line for the first time and makes it that much easier to try the service — you don’t have to grab a physical SIM. It’s also helpful for business users and travellers who may want to reserve the SIM card slot for work lines and local numbers. You still won’t have all the perks of Fi, such as on-the-fly carrier switching, but this might do the trick if you’re mainly interested in Fi’s rates and common features.