Google adds Gboard input to Wear OS

The keyboard could make it easier to type on a smaller display.


Google is rolling out the Gboard app to Wear OS, giving your smartwatch access to the keyboard experience you may be used to on your phone. You can use voice input to send messages via Gboard like on mobile, but you can also the QWERTY keyboard and gestures to type them out. While Wear OS already has a keyboard of its own, Gboard's keys have better spacing that could make typing on a small screen much easier.

Gboard's word suggestions also come in separate cards that make each option easy to distinguish, and Google made them scrollable to suit a smartwatch's smaller display. The keyboard works with all the languages supported by Wear OS, and it will be in the same language as your device by default. You can quickly change its language (and, hence, the word suggestions you get), though, by tapping a shortcut at the bottom of the screen and choosing from the options available. In case you'd still rather communicate with graphics from your smartwatch whenever possible, you can also use the keyboard's emoji selection.

The update will be making its way to Wear OS users in the coming days. Google is also expected to roll out a firmware update that'll add third-party Tile support to the operating system soon. The tech giant gave third-party developers a way to create custom Wear OS Tiles back in March, so you can expect more swipeable Tile options for your wearable in the future.