Google's 'Guided Frame' helps visually impaired users shoot better pictures

A voice will tell you where to hold your phone.


At today's Pixel 7 event, Google has announced a new accessibility feature that will help blind and visually-impaired users take better selfies. "Guided Frame" is a voice coach that will tell users where to hold their phones in order to, for instance, take a selfie. Hold the device in front of you, and it'll ask you to go up, down, or to the side, until its AI believes you're in the best place to shoot. When it does, it'll even trigger the shutter automatically, telling the user when they can relax their hand.

It's part of a number of features the company has unveiled today to burnish its accessibility and inclusivity, including True Tone. Google said it has teamed up with a number of photographers and artists who are people of color to help ensure that photos are accurate and representative of everyone's skin tone. In addition, it says that the Pixel 7 series' Night Sight feature, courtesy of the new Tensor G2 chip, is faster and better at shooting scenes while in the dark.

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