Google Home app updates bring simpler controls and improved privacy

You'll also have an easier time checking important smart home events.

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Jon Fingas
March 23, 2022 9:05 AM
Google Home app control and event updates

The Google Home app should soon be more convenient — and familiar, if you're an Android user. Google is rolling out updates to Home for Android and iOS that should provide more powerful controls even as they remove some of the clutter. Most notably, you'll see simpler, Android 11-inspired smart home controls in the main view over the weeks ahead. You can tap devices to turn them on, use sliders to quickly dim lights or raise a speaker's volume and long-press if you need more control.

Privacy will also improve. As of this week, you'll find a settings section that lets you manage privacy controls, Assistant data and home activity within the Google Home app. You won't have to hop between software to set tighter restrictions.

Another update arriving by the end of March will help you parse what's happening in your household. The home feed will automatically sort events and group anything that happened within a short space of time. You won't have to slog through multiple status updates if the neighbor's dog repeatedly set off your Nest Cam, for example. All told, you might have more reasons to delve into the Home app rather than relying on voice controls and notifications.

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