Google is getting serious about building apps for Android tablets again

More than 20 of its apps are being updated to work better on large screens.


For a few months now, Google has been talking about Android 12L, an upcoming version of Android that's focused on making the OS work better on larger-screen devices like tablets and foldable phones. Thus far, most of those changes have focused on interface tweaks, but today at Google I/O the company had some news about making apps perform better on larger screens, too.

Google says more than 20 of its apps will be redesigned and optimized for tablets, something that should automatically make Android taps a lot more useful. Among those are YouTube Music, Google Maps and Messages. YouTube Music has a redesigned now playing screen that takes advantage of the extra screen space, while Messages has a multi-column view to quickly jump between different conversations. Google also says that third-party apps like Facebook, TikTok and Zoom will soon be updated to be better optimized for large screens, too. If Google can get more big developers like these on board, the Android tablet ecosystem should benefit greatly.

Google also says that there are 270 million active users already using large-screen devices, so there's a decent number of people who'll be able to take advantage of these updates immediately. To find them, Google Play is getting a large-screen redesign as well that will highlight apps built for tablets.

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