Google Maps' 'Live View' AR feature gets landmarks and improved accuracy

The 'share location' feature is coming to Android and iOS.


Google Maps is continuing to update and improve its “Live View” AR feature, with new capabilities like showing the relative location of landmarks and more accurate locations for pins, according to an announcement on the Google blog. Live View originally launched last May, and uses your camera to visually guide you along a route using large arrows and pins.

Now, Live View also shows you nearby landmarks. The landmark’s location, as well as distance and which direction you’d need to head to get there, are displayed in your view. For example, the feature might show you the direction and distance to the Empire State Building to help you get oriented in New York City. The feature includes other iconic landmarks as well as things like local parks and tourist attractions.

Google is also integrating the Live View feature into the transit directions tab. This could be helpful if you’re only planning on walking for part of your route -- for example, if you’re taking public transit, then walking to your destination.

Last month, a Live View location sharing feature became available for Google Pixel users. Soon, location sharing will also be available for all Android and iOS users. When a friend shares their location with you, simply tap on their icon and then tap Live View to see their location and distance. If someone shares a pin with you, Google Maps has worked to make pin locations more accurate by taking the elevation of a place into account. While this feature isn’t available yet, the rest of these Live View updates should be live now.