Google Maps will help you discover a neighborhood's 'vibe'

You can get a feel for what's worth seeing.


Google may soon give you a feel for a city district before you've ever set foot in it. The company is introducing a "neighborhood vibe' feature for Maps on Android and iOS that will help you learn what's new and worth seeing in a particular area through info and imagery. You may discover a historic quarter full of landmarks and museums, or the hottest restaurants in the chic part of town.

The technology relies on a blend of AI with community contributions to Google Maps' landscape, such as photos and reviews. If all goes well, the feature will evolve in sync with the neighborhood itself.

The vibe check will roll out to Maps users worldwide in the "coming months." No, this won't make you as knowledgeable as a resident. However, it might help you plan a vacation or move — instead of searching blindly for things to do, you'll have a decent sense of what's popular with locals.