Google makes it easier to find businesses with gender-neutral restrooms

It's also expanding the availability of bike-share information in Maps.

Kanawa_Studio via Getty Images

With Pride Month underway, Google is adding a small but handy feature in Maps and Search to help transgender, nonbinary and gender non-conforming individuals. Local listings can now include a mention of whether a business has gender-neutral restrooms. You'll see that information listed under the amenities section of the about tab. As before, it's also possible to whether a business identifies itself as a transgender safe space.

Google gender neutral washrooms

That's not the only new feature the company is adding to Maps. In another timely addition (after all, it's World Bicycle Day on June 3rd), it's expanding the availability of bike-share information. By the end of 2021, the company says the feature will work in more than 100 additional cities across 25 countries, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Portland, Miami and Boston. You can use that functionality to find bike-sharing stations, as well as to see how many bicycles are available at each one.

Either way, that's a significant expansion. When Google first added bike-share information to Maps, it was available in 24 cities across 16 countries. The addition comes as more and more people look to the company for cycling directions and information. According to Google, it's seeing people use Maps to go on cycling trips that are, on average, 10 percent longer than the ones they took in 2020.