Google Meet gets Q&A and poll features for paid customers

It seems virtual meetings will be the norm for a while.


Google is continuing to bolster its Meet video-conference services as more people use it amid coronavirus-related lockdowns. Starting October 8th, the video chat service is adding Q&A and polls features for paid enterprise customers, according to a post on the G Suite Updates blog.

Q&A allows those hosting or moderating a chat to allow participants to submit questions. Other participants can upvote submitted questions, and moderators can choose which questions to answer. All questions are automatically sent to hosts after the meeting. Google says this feature can be especially helpful to teachers and businesses.

Moderators can create polls that remain viewable only to other mods until they decide to launch them. When a poll is closed, moderators receive the results, which they can share with participants. At the end of the meeting, hosts are automatically sent poll results.

The new features are being released via gradual rollout that starts on October 8th, meaning it could take up to two weeks for the features to show up. Q&A and Polls will only be available to those with paid accounts, such as G Suite Essentials, G Suite Business, G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education.