Google Messages APK suggests you may soon able to edit messages after they're sent

The option would more closely align the app with WhatsApp and iMessage.

Lamaip via Getty Images

Android users may soon be able to edit texts after they're sent via the Google Messages app. TheSpAndroid dug around in an APK for a recent beta version of Messages and found multiple references to a message-editing feature.

The publication unearthed flags concerning aspects such as a message-editing UI, loading the edit history and processing incoming and outgoing edits. For the time being, enabling these flags doesn't seem to do anything, as The Verge notes. TheSpAndroid also found code suggesting that message editing would work with the RCS protocol.

Were Google to enable this feature (which users would surely appreciate), it would follow the footsteps of WhatsApp and iMessage. Over the last year or so, those services each added the ability to edit messages within a certain timeframe after they're sent.

Google recently introduced some other handy features to Messages, such as the ability to turn photos into reactions and for users to create a profile with their name and photo that's attached to their phone number. Users can also change the color of text message bubbles, including making them blue.