Google mobile search redesign focuses on results, not frills

It should be easier to see what you're looking for.

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Jon Fingas
January 24th, 2021
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Google mobile search redesign (2021)

You might soon have an easier time searching the web from your phone. Google is rolling out a visual redesign of mobile search that should help you focus on the results rather than... well, everything surrounding them. Results pages now run edge-to-edge with larger text, fewer shadows and a more purposeful use of color to illustrate what’s important. You should spot what you’re looking for that much faster, Google said.

It should also be more “Googley,” with more of the company’s rounded imagery and increased use of the company’s signature font.

You’ll see the revamped mobile search reach your phone in the “coming days,” Google said.

This isn’t a night-and-day change, but it might be a welcome one. At first blush, Google is acknowledging that phone searches are all about speed — fanciful graphics don’t matter much when you’re in a hurry to tap the most relevant link. In that sense, the redesign will be more successful if you spend less time looking at it.

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