Google's Nest Audio smart speaker hits new low of $75

The small speaker offers decent sound for streaming music.

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At $100, Google's impressive Nest Audio was already good value for money, but a 25 percent discount has now brought it down to an even more affordable $75. Perhaps, it's a case of Google countering Amazon's early Prime Day deals on Echo speakers with a new all-time low price. Whatever the reasons behind the latest promo, it's always nice to have another option when shopping for tech.

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The Nest Audio is a solid bet for music fans on a budget. As we noticed in our tests, it's slightly louder than Apple's HomePod Mini and packs stronger bass, too. Inside the speaker is a 75mm woofer and 19mm tweeter, while the Google Home and Nest Mini make do with single drivers. Crank up the volume to 50 percent or higher, and you'll start to notice the difference. The diminutive speaker packs some thump and does a good job of reproducing layered guitars and clear vocals. Plus, you can pair it with another Nest Audio to get stereo sound.

At this price, it's no match for the $199 Sonos One, but it's still a reliable music streaming device. Since we reviewed it, Google has added support for Apple Music, alongside Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora and Deezer. Ultimately, you can tell Google Assistant to play a range of sources, whether you're in the mood for music, podcasts, audiobooks or streams from apps like TuneIn or IHeartRadio. Plus, the digital assistant offers a variety of news, weather and search services, along with smart home controls.

The speaker itself is small enough to tuck away around the house, with an understated design featuring audio-transparent cloth and front-facing LEDs. On the top, you'll find invisible touch-sensitive buttons to play or pause audio and adjust the volume. What's more, you can choose from five colors: black, blue, green, pink, and gray.

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