Google's second-gen Nest Hub falls to just $55

It's one of the best prices we've seen for the smart display.


If you've been looking to add to your Assistant-powered smart home without having to pay full price, a discount has just appeared via multiple retailers that will let you do exactly that. Right now, Best Buy, Walmart and Adorama have the second-generation Nest Hub smart display for $55, which is $45 off the usual price and one of the best deals we've seen since for the device since it launched last year.

Buy Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) at Best Buy - $55 Buy Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) at Walmart - $55 Buy Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) at Adorama - $55

There's a reason that the Nest Hub is one of our favorite smart home devices. After all, it earned a score of 89 in our review. It has a minimalist design, a bright 7-inch display, clearer and louder audio than its predecessor and faster performance as well. It's just the right size to fit into any room and can act as a second screen for your video doorbell or even track your sleep from your bedside table. While it may not be as accurate as a slumber-focused wearable, the Nest Hub will show you sleep duration, quality, schedules and snoring data (if that's something you're after).

These features make it a great smart display that’s worthy of a spot in your kitchen, bedroom or living room — and with this deal, you won't have to spend much in order to put one there.

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