Google Photos' enhanced editing tools will no longer require a subscription

Magic Eraser, Photo UnBlur, Magic Editor and more will be widely available in May.


In a rare move, Google is extending everyone access to subscriber-exclusive Photos tools. Free Google Photos users are getting its enhanced editing features without paying a minimum of $20 annually. This means all users will get a few of Google's AI-powered tools, such as Photo UnBlur, Magic Eraser and Magic Editor.

Photo UnBlur works just as it sounds, giving greater clarity to a photo that's a bit fuzzy. The Magic Eraser tool lets you remove or camouflage people or things from pictures, like a rogue trash can or photo bomber. Magic Editor uses generative AI to move, stretch and resize objects. You can even bring yourself to the center of a photo or closer to another person. It also lets you make large-scale edits, like changing the sky from gray to blue. Magic Editor Android and iOS Google Photos users will get ten monthly saves, while anyone looking to increase that limit will need either a Pixel device or paid Google One plan with 2TB+.

The Google Photos features will roll out to non-subscribers over a few weeks, starting May 15. On desktop, they will only be available if you have a Chromebook Plus that has ChromeOS version 118+. To access on mobile, you'll need at least Android 8.0 or iOS 15 and 3GB of RAM.