The Google Play Store website might get a long-awaited redesign

The Android app portal looks like it was built this decade.

Android Police

Google's Play Store on the web is dated, to put it mildly — the big sidebar and card-like listings wouldn't look out of place on a phone running Android Lollipop. The company appears ready to drag its portal into the modern era, though. Android Police and a tipster said they've discovered a redesigned Play Store that's much more in keeping with the current mobile app.

The rethink appear to scrap the large sidebar and cards in favor of a simple four-button navigation system and big, clean-looking listings with auto-playing trailers for games. You can filter apps by device type. If you need to access your library or redeem a gift card, options like those have moved to the account switcher common to Google web apps.

AP characterized the redesign as a "work-in-progress," and had to switch to the Korean Play Store (the Taiwanese version also worked) to see it. We've asked Google if it can comment on this possible test. If the site does hint at a larger overhaul, though, it could be welcome if you routinely shop for apps and media from your computer.