Stadia update adds 5.1 surround sound for web players

It also brings an on-screen keyboard and mobile device data quality notifications.


Google has rolled out some key new features for Stadia on the web to compliment the 4K it introduced last month. You’ll now get 5.1 surround sound when playing on Chrome or other browsers, which should deliver better audio quality and the ability to better hear where your enemies are coming from.

Stadia for web also gained an on-screen keyboard that works when you have a gamepad connected, which should make it less of a hassle to input your name and other data. And if you prefer to game on mobile, you’ll receive notifications about your connection quality to see if any lag or other problems are data related.

Surround sound 5.1 was already available if you were using Stadia Pro on with a Chromecast, but as with the 4K option, it was delayed considerably for PC gamers. The feature should be a server-side rollout that comes as Stadia Update 1.45 — as Android Police noted, it might be the first time Google has assigned a release number to a Stadia patch.