Google wants to help you create new smart home automations with AI-generated scripts

You only need type out a prompt to generate a script for Google Home.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

Google is rolling out new features and improvements for Home and Nest, one of which could make it much easier for users to create complex home automations even if they don't know how to code. The company's experimental "help me script" feature leverages the power of generative AI to create home automation scripts from the natural language prompts users type in. They can, for instance, write "when the TV turns on after sunset, dim the living room lights and close the blinds" to instantly generate a script they can use.

"Help me script" lives inside Google Home for the web, and it appears as a panel inside the script editor when users click on "+ Add new." All they have to do is write a prompt, press enter and then copy-paste the script results into the script editor. They'll then have to validate the script to verify that it has no errors and that it's working as intended before saving it to activate the automation. Based on the other potential home automation prompts that Google listed, including "use lights and TVs to make my house look occupied when I arm the security system" and "send me a notification when the doorbell rings but nobody is home," it could be a valuable security tool. It's just a test feature at this point, though, and is only available in Public Preview on Google Home for the web for a limited time only.

In addition to the generative AI-powered script generator, Google has also announced that expanded controls for compatible smart home devices across different brands are coming to Home's Public Preview soon. The home panel, a Pixel-exclusive that gives users quick access to their smart home controls on their lock screen, is also making its way to other Android 14 devices.