Google’s second-gen wired Nest Doorbell is smaller and offers improved imaging

It's now available in the US for $180.

Google Nest

Google has launched Nest's second-generation wired doorbell for those who don't want to monitor their device's battery levels or to worry about spotty WiFi. The device is around 30 percent smaller than its battery-powered counterpart and could better fit smaller and narrower spaces.

Google said it spent a lot of time fine-tuning this model, testing it in various conditions to ensure the images it produces are clear and identifiable and giving it HDR support to capture more details. It was also able eliminate the distorted fish-eye effect that's typical in footage seen from doorbell cameras. Apparently, DXOMark, a website known for assessing smartphone lenses and cameras, consider the device the best doorbell camera it has tested in terms of image quality. Images taken by the doorbell have a high level of details so that it's easy to recognize who's at the door, even at night, the website said.

Like other Nest camera devices, this one has the power to recognize what it sees, whether it's a person, a pet or a vehicle that passes by, so it can send accurate alerts. Users can also chat with whoever's at the door with its "talk and listen" feature, or they could also pre-record messages to respond to visitors dropping in.

The model can record an hour's worth of important events — significant sounds, motion and other activity that it detects — in its internal memory. Plus, Nest can keep three hours of event video history with footage of up to five minutes each for free. Users who choose to upgrade and pay for Nest Aware subscription worth $6 a month can have access to event video history for 30 days. Those willing to pay $12 for a Nest Aware Plus subscription will have access to 60 days of event video history and 10 days of 24/7 continuous video recording.

Finally, the new wired Nest doorbell was built to work more seamlessly with the Google Home app, allowing users to create routines, such as programming their porch lights to change settings when someone rings the doorbell. In the future, Google also will roll out an update to the Home website, giving users a way to view all their Nest doorbell and camera feeds on the web. The model is now available in Snow, Linen, Ash and Ivy in the US for $180. In Canada, the Snow and Ash color variants are now also out for CA$240.

Google Nest
Google Nest