Google's Nest Learning Thermostat is $50 off right now

Pick up the advanced smart thermostat while it's down to $200.


A smart thermostat can help you save on energy costs while also letting you conveniently control your home's environment from anywhere. Google's Nest Learning Thermostat has a few extra perks that make it a great option for smart home enthusiasts, and now it's on sale for $50 less than usual. You can pick up the IoT device for $200 right now across the web, which, while not its record low, is close to it and a solid sale price.

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The Energy Star-certified Learning Thermostat helps you save energy by learning your preferences and building a schedule around your routines. After using the device for a little while, it'll learn when you like to keep your home cool and warm, automatically adjusting the temperature when necessary. It can also use sensors in your smartphone to know when you've left the house, automatically turning temperatures down to conserve energy. And if you like to have more control over your home's environment, you can use the Nest app to set temperature schedules, adjust the thermostat remotely and more.

While the standard Nest Thermostat is better for those with tight budgets, the Learning Thermostat gives you a few extra perks that may be worth splurging for. The higher-end model works with Nest Temperature Sensors, so you can adjust settings on a per-room basis. It also looks a lot sleeker than the standard smart thermostat thanks to its metal details, included trim plate and high-res display. The latter also shows more information than the mirrored display on the standard device, including the date, local weather and more.

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