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Google's Nest Learning Thermostat is $70 off right now

The lower price is available with a discount code.


If you're always coming home to an overheated house or find your jaw on the floor every time the energy bill arrives, it might be time to consider expanding your smart home. The Google Nest Learning Thermostat third-generation is currently available for $179, down from $279 on Wellbots. All you need to do is enter the code 70THERMGDT at checkout to get $70 off your order. We've only seen the thermostat at a lower price on Wellbots once, and it has never dropped below $193 on Amazon, so this is quite a good deal.

Get it now for $70 off with the code 70THERMGDT at checkout.

$179 at Wellbots

The Google Nest Learning Thermostat gets to know your routine and temperature preferences and creates a schedule based on them. Google designed it to constantly consider energy-saving measures, such as changing the temperature when you're away. The smart thermostat also provides you with a report detailing how you use and can save energy in your heating and cooling systems. It also includes a safety feature for fires, sending you a notification if it detects an unusual change in temperature.

On the device itself, you can get information about the weather, the time or your energy usage. Plus, if you're heading home early or feeling extra cold one day, you can control the Learning Thermostat right from the Nest app on your phone.

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