Google's Project Tailwind is an AI-infused personal notebook

It's an experiment for now and it's aimed at helping students.


Project Tailwind is Google's latest foray into AI and it's aimed at helping students organize their notes. During its I/O 2023 keynote Wednesday, Google described it as "your AI-first notebook." The toolset is able to distill information from a personal set of notes, making it all searchable, suggesting questions and main themes, and otherwise organizing the subject matter in an interactive way. Project Tailwind is an experiment at the moment and it's available only in the US. The waitlist to try it out is accessible via Google Labs.

Google revealed Project Tailwind during its annual I/O developer conference, showing off a few minutes of the program in action. After selecting a subject — computer science history — and pulling up a few paragraphs of notes from Google Drive, the developer had Project Tailwind summarize the content, generate a specific glossary, and offer a quiz or study guide on the information, among other actions. Tailwind shows its work as it goes, with footnotes and citations pulled directly from the document.

Project Tailwind has a wider potential audience than students alone, but Google is focusing on classroom-level note enhancement with its initial pitch.

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