Google's superfast 20Gbps Wi-Fi 7 Fiber plan costs $250 a month

That's some brain-melting speed, if you can afford it.

Mike Blake / reuters

If you've been thinking about hosting your own mini data center or need to stream 1,333 Netflix 4K programs at once, Google Fiber has the answer. The Alphabet-owned ISP will launch it's 20Gbps service with Wi-Fi 7 in select cities early next year for $250 a month (plus taxes and applicable fees) — not that ridiculous of a price for such ridiculous speed.

"We’re starting in Kansas City, North Carolina’s Triangle Region, Arizona, and Iowa," the company wrote. "As we continue to roll out Nokia’s 25G PON across our network, we’ll open up invitations in new areas, so make sure you’ve let us know if you are interested in being the one of the first to have this in your home."

As with Google's other Fiber offerings, the 20Gbps speeds are symmetrical, so you'll see them whether you're uploading or downloading. Google notes that Wi-Fi 7, which offers peak wireless speeds of 40Gbps, is so bleeding-edge that it hasn't even been fully certified yet. The service is being offered through Google's GFiber Labs division, and is made possible by new Nokia 25G PONs (passive optical networks) installed as part of last-mile infrastructure upgrades.

While obviously expensive, the new plan allows for some interesting possibilities. For instance, Google promises multi-gig internet speeds on multiple floors of your house, for example, thanks to the custom Wi-Fi 7 router co-created with Actiontec. That could let plan buyers amortize the price across multiple users — 20 people could have 1Gbps connections for $12.50 per month each, for instance.

The new plan offers four times the speed of AT&T's Elite 5Gbps fiber offering for the same $250 per month. However, Google Fiber's problem has never been the technology or value proposition, but the availability. The company's 5Gbps and 8Gbps plans only just got off the ground and are still only available in a few regions. While available in some major cities (San Franciso, Atlanta, San Antonio), Google Fiber is notably absent in key markets like New York City and Los Angeles.

The 20Gbps plan will start rolling out in the above-mentioned cities in the first quarter of 2024. Just be aware that you'll need the fastest Wi-Fi possible on your computer (currently Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 on select models) to even get a fraction of that maximum speed.

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