Google's Workspace apps are getting an updated look

It'll soon be easier to carry out bulk actions on files in Drive too.


Google is bringing some new features to its Workspace apps in the coming weeks, including a fresh lick of paint. The company is updating the look and feel of Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides in the coming weeks, drawing from its Material Design 3 language to do so. Google says the updated designs will streamline the user interface and put more emphasis on the most-loved tools in each app.

There's another handy update coming to Drive in the next few weeks as part of the Smart Canvas collaboration initiative. Google will introduce a multiselect toolbar that should make it easier to share, download, move and delete more than one file at a time. Google is also adding an option to filter files by type, such as documents, videos, PDFs and .zip files, without having to search for something first. Improved file management in Drive is always welcome.

Several new features are on the way to Docs. Starting today, you'll be able to access a stopwatch directly in the app, which could come in useful if you're trying to stay hyper focused for short bursts. In the coming weeks, Docs will gain emoji reactions for comments, which can be used to emphasize or upvote a response. A calendar invite template will be available in the app soon too.

As for Sheets, you'll be able to preview a Google Maps link directly in the app starting today. Google says that could come in useful for things like logistics tracking and event planning. Something that could be even more helpful on a day-to-day basis are date shortcuts. By typing @today, @yesterday, @tomorrow and @date, you can add quickly add the relevant date to a sheet without having to look at your calendar. That feature will be generally available as of today, as is the option to add stocks, mutual funds and currencies by using the @-mention function and typing in a company's name, stock ticker or currency.