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Govee’s chatbot programs your smart lights for you

The company also revealed a next-gen AI Sync Box at CES 2024 that supports 8K video.


At CES 2024, Govee not only revealed an upgraded AI Sync Box Kit, Neon Rope Light 2 and, because it’s 2024, there’s even a dedicated chatbot. While it wasn't available for testing at CES Unveiled, the media preview event that takes place two days before the CES show floor opens, Govee’s AI Lighting Bot will eventually be bundled into the company’s smartphone app, where you’ll apparently be able to cajole it into generating using natural language inputs, a la ChatGPT.

As you can see in Govee’s concept video, it’ll apparently source lighting designs and transmit them to your Govee lights, whether they’re lighting spots, strips or anything else. In one example in Govee’s video, a user asked for a “Barbie Dreamhouse-inspired lighting effect” for their outdoor lights and spotlights, which then undulated between various shades of hot, powder and another-kind-of pink.

Of course, you’ll need even more lighting strips to accomplish grander smart lighting visions, and Govee is willing to oblige with its second-generation Neon Rope Light 2. A spokesperson explained that it will now offer smoother lighting transitions and upgraded bend clips and is made of an even more flexible material, which should be easier to shape around furniture, corners and even into shapes.

Govee lighting at CES 2024

You’ll also be able to customize the lighting effects of the Neon Rope more easily too. Govee’s app can apply lighting effects through different segments using your smartphone camera and shape recognition, hopefully better evoking your smart lighting vision. The Neon Rope Light 2 will also be Matter-compatible when it launches in the first half of 2024.

Finally, the AI Sync Box Kit 2 will be HDMI 2.1 compatible and following feedback from its users on Govee’s first kit, will support resolutions up to 8K and output video (with matching light effects) at 4K at 120Hz. Govee says its new CogniGlow AI recognition tech will automatically activate tailored lighting effects for compatible games. One example is a blue healing ‘bloom’ when a character heals in Apex Legends. You’ll even be able to personalize these AI effects if you want more subtle lighting twists. A Matter-compatible update will also land on the sync box later this year.

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