Twitter will host 'Halo' watch parties starting March 28th

A 'pre-show' streams today at 6PM ET.


Paramount+ is kicking off its Twitter watch parties with one of the service's more important shows. Twitter and Paramount+ are kicking off a series of watch parties for the Halo TV series that will give fans chances to discuss episodes in shared moments. The run begins today (March 25th) at 6PM Eastern with a 'pre-show' through the official account, with executive producer Kiki Wolfkill and stars Olive Gray and Kate Kennedy meeting online to discuss the series and offer a behind-the-scenes look.

From then on, you can expect nine regular "after-show" parties. The first takes place March 28th at 4PM Eastern, but you can expect a weekly cadence of parties starting April 1st at a similar time. The virtual festivities end on May 20th. The streams will include celebrity Halo enthusiasts, fan segments and other reasons to tune in.

Twitter and Paramount+ aren't shy about the rationale behind the get-togethers. They're hoping to recreate the "water cooler effect" of conventional TV, where you rush to share your opinions and speculation about an episode. This probably won't turn Halo into a Game of Thrones-style blockbuster that has everyone talking, but it might provide a sense of community that keeps you invested. If nothing else, it shows what you can expect from future parties.