Harley-Davidson anoints LiveWire as its official electric bike brand

LiveWire will announce its first EV in July.

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LiveWire electric motorcycle
Harley-Davidson / LiveWire

Back in 2019, Harley-Davidson released the LiveWire, its first all-electric motorcycle. Now it plans to use the LiveWire name to launch an all-electric motorcycle brand. LiveWire will announce its first EV on July 8th, with a showing at the International Motorcycle Show to follow one day later. Harley-Davidson didn’t provide many hints on what to expect from the first LiveWire-branded motorcycle, but did note it will initially focus on ones designed for urban use.

Harley-Davidson also spoke a bit about its distribution strategy for LiveWire. The company will operate dedicated LiveWire showrooms, with the first ones slated to open in California. Additionally, some existing Harley-Davidson dealers will carry LiveWire motorcycles, but it doesn’t sound like you’ll find them everywhere. As you have guessed, the two will work closely together in other ways as well. “LiveWire expects to benefit from Harley-Davidson's engineering expertise, manufacturing footprint, supply chain infrastructure and global logistics capabilities,” Harley-Davidson said. Of course, this isn’t the first time Harley-Davidson has spun out one of its EV projects into a separate brand. The company markets and sells ebikes under a brand known as Serial 1.

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