Harman gets into charging with its InfinityLab line

The company says it made the products with an emphasis on sustainability.


Harman may be best known for its audio products, but the Samsung subsidiary is now expanding into the world of charging accessories. On Thursday, the company announced the launch of InfinityLab, a new brand under which it plans to sell a line of "sustainable" wall chargers, power banks and cables. With today's announcement, the company is debuting nearly a dozen new accessories.

According to Harman, the "core" products in the lineup are made from 90 percent recycled plastic. Like parent Samsung, the company is also trying to avoid using plastics for any packaging and to source cardboard from responsibly managed forests. Additionally, Harman will make any cables it includes with its new products from recycled polyester.

InfinityLab powerbank

Taking a look at the accessories themselves, the one that caught our eye is the GaN charger Harman plans to sell. The company will offer three different wall chargers capable of outputting 20, 30 and 65 watts of power. They'll be priced at $19.95, $29.95 and $49.95, with the last one featuring gallium nitride circuitry.

If you know something about gallium nitride chargers, it's that they're smaller than their silicon counterparts but also tend to cost more. Razer, for instance, recently announced a 130W model that it's selling for $180. Harman's GaN charger isn't as powerful, nor does it include as many ports, but at $49.95, you're still getting a model with interchangeable plugs included. It also comes from a brand that many people trust, and that's not something you can say about a lot of the more affordable GaN chargers you'll find through Amazon and other retailers.