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Headspace's Black Friday deal knocks half off annual and monthly memberships

The offer will only be available for 14 days.


Subscriptions to the Headspace app are half off this Black Friday for new and returning customers who have had memberships expire. Starting on November 14 through the 27th, the annual $70 fee will be slashed to $35. Alternatively, you could get a monthly subscription for $6.50 each pay period instead of $13.

Yearly pricing for a subscription is now $35 a year and a monthly will cost $6.50.

$35/year at Headspace

A subscription to the mindfulness app will get you access to an entire suite of meditation programming, as well as sounds that can help you focus. But the app isn’t just for stress — it landed a spot on our best sleep app list. Users will also gain access to curated yoga and fitness videos that can help them stick to their fitness goals and in turn, improve overall wellness.

Headspace also offers video content and stress-relieving meditation programs specific for work and school. You can calm your nerves and learn how to connect with your peers by taking the advice of a professional before a presentation if you struggle with public speaking, for example. Or you could follow along with a 7-minute meditation clip to help you decompress after a long day at work. If you're new to meditation, you can start as a beginner through a four-week guided program assembled by a Headspace expert.

If you're navigating change or undergoing a stressful time, this Black Friday deal might be the perfect gateway into meditation and getting extra mental health support. If you're thinking about shopping for the holidays, Engadget has recommended a subscription to Headspace app as a thoughtful gift for teachers, or students alike.

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