Hertz will order up to 65,000 Polestar EVs for its rental fleet

The rental agency isn't relying solely on Tesla to electrify its selection.


Hertz isn't just leaning on Tesla to electrify its fleet. The rental car agency has struck a deal that will see it buy "up to" 65,000 Polestar EVs over the next five years. The initial mix will focus on the Polestar 2 sedan, but should expand to other models over time. Vehicles will be available to rent in Europe starting this spring, and should reach both North America and Australia late this year.

The team-up is a continuation of Hertz's plan to offer the biggest selection of EV rentals in North America, and "one of the largest" worldwide. The strategy includes offering EVs to rideshare drivers working for companies like Uber.

The purchase is a gradual one, and Hertz has clearly given itself wiggle room in case it wants fewer models. This is still a large order, though, and could significantly increase the chances that your next rental might be an EV. It's also a bigger deal for Polestar than it was for Tesla. Polestar sold just 29,000 cars in 2021, and 'only' expects to more than double that number in 2022 — Hertz could play a large role in the manufacturer's near-term success.