Hideo Kojima teases a new action-espionage game for PlayStation

And no, it won't be a Metal Gear Solid title.

Jordan Anderson/BAFTA via Getty Images

Hideo Kojima is a busy, busy man. Not only does he have Death Stranding 2, a movie based on the first game and Xbox horror title OD on his plate, he's developing a brand new game for PlayStation. He'll be going back to his roots, as it's an action-espionage title codenamed PHYSINT.

Head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst said during today's State of Play stream that the project is in a genre he's been encouraging Kojima to "reinvent for years." Kojima, of course, found fame as the creator of the Metal Gear series. This upcoming endeavor won't be a Metal Gear Solid game, however. Kojima says this will be a "brand new, original IP."

According to Kojima Productions, the game will feature "cutting-edge technology and a stellar cast to deliver an experience like no other. Blurring the boundaries between film and games, offering near life-like graphics and a new take on interactive entertainment."

Kojima Productions has started early work on the project, but it won't go into full production until the team finishes Death Stranding 2: On the Beach, which is set to arrive next year. Kojima noted that Sony makes music and movies, hinting that it could be a transmedia project. He added that he's "confident that this title will be the culmination of my work" after four decades of working in games.

It'll likely be a few years until we learn exactly what he means by that, but fans will likely have two more games from the auteur to enjoy/be perplexed by in the meantime. (Seriously, the latest Death Stranding 2 trailer is something else.)