'High On Life' is a deranged new FPS from the mind of Justin Roiland

The creative force behind 'Rick and Morty' and 'Trover Saves the Universe' is back and weirder than ever.

Squanch Games

Three years after "saving" the universe, Squanch Games announced during Sunday's XBox Summer Game Fest that its next mind-bending adventure, High On Life, is coming soon to the XBox, PC and Cloud.

Players take on the role of a recent high school graduate, tasked by fate and teamed with a sentient "galtien" firearm, who must defend the Earth against a cabal of invading aliens. Led by the evil Garmantuous, these intergalactic bandits are bent on selling off humans as an extraterrestrial narcotic. You'll fight your way across numerous worlds and assemble an armory of jive talkin' hand cannons. Those guns will both blow your head off and talk your ear off with their running commentaries, not unlike Trover from the last game.

High On Life is slated for release on Xbox consoles, PC and Cloud in October, 2022.