'Hitman' players can soon port their Stadia saves to other platforms

Player profile, XP, suits, items and mastery levels are all carried over.

IO Interactive

With Stadia set to be shut down next month, players have been understandably worried about losing game progress on the platform. Now, developer IO Interactive has announced that Stadia Hitman - World of Assassination players will be able to import save data into all other platforms including PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

IOI said it will release a transfer tool a week before the Stadia shutdown, set for January 18th. If you play the game on Stadia, you can start to prepare in advance by linking your IOI account to your Stadia account. This needs to be done before the Stadia shutdown, or you'll lose your save data. Once the accounts are linked, though, you'll have an extra month (until February 17th) to complete the transfer.

The developer said the "majority" of your Stadia achievements will be carried over, including your "player profile, XP, suits, items and mastery levels." IOI noted that there are "compatibility issues" between Stadia and other achievement systems, so it's focusing on achievements related to progression as a priority. Unfortunately, "your leaderboard positions, save games and created contracts will NOT be carried over during the Stadia progression carryover," it added.

IOI joins other developers offering one-time progress transfers. Last month, CD Projekt Red wrote that Cyberpunk 2077 Stadia players could transfer game saves over to PC, and Bethesda announced something similar for Elder Scrolls Online. In September, Ubisoft said that Stadia users could transfer all their purchases to PC, but didn't confirm if game progress would carry over.