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Honda will debut a mid-to-large-size EV based on its e:Architecture in 2025

And it will come out a year earlier than previously announced.

Domagoj via Getty Images

We might see an electric vehicle based on Honda's e:Architecture, its dedicated EV platform, a year earlier than the company had previously announced. At a business briefing, wherein the automaker talked about earnings structure, battery initiatives and other things, it has announced that it's building a mid-to-large-size EV based on the e:Architecture and that will go on sale in North America by 2025. Honda previously said that vehicles adopting the architecture will be available in 2026.

The company also announced that it's further developing its vehicle OS for use with mid-to-large-size EVs in North America and making sure that it allows for the "continuous advancement of vehicle functions and services for customers even after the vehicle is purchased." As TechCrunch notes, though, it didn't say if it's currently working on (or at least planning) a smaller vehicle based on its e:Architecture for the North American market at the moment.

Before the vehicles based on its dedicated platform come out, Honda will launch the EVs it's currently developing with General Motors: The Acura ZDX and the Prologue, which is automaker's first electric SUV. Both vehicles will be available in 2024. In Japan, Honda is expected to release a series of small-size EVs, including an electric N-One, which is a mini box-like Kei car that can be commonly seen on the streets in the country, in 2024. It will also launch a small-size SUV for the Japanese market in 2026.